Lisa Garrett recommends Alchemy-Sounds.

12 December at 21:54 ·

Dee is an extremely knowledgeable and intuitive therapist who is able to adapt her treatments to suit each individual client. I've had 3 biofield treatments now and each of them have progressively cleared more blockages. I had noticeable improvement after each treatment but by the 3rd treatment I was really feeling the energy shifting. Dee also incorporated the Himalayan singing bowls at the final session which was a truly magical experience. I can't wait for her to start her sound baths. they are going to be truly amazing too.

Kione Farish recommends Alchemy-Sounds.

22 December at 12:14 ·

I’ve had three crystal bowl sound therapy sessions and would recommend them to anyone looking to reduce stress and feel more relaxed and energised. Dee has carved out a lovely space as a therapy room which helps you relax and feel at home as soon as you walk through the door. Definitely going back for more sessions

Gary Benskin recommends Alchemy-Sounds.

30 December at 19.30

I have had several crystal bowl treatments from Dee which were very relaxing I fell asleep every time, but woke feeling deeply relaxed, Dee found several blockages in my chakras each time, but by the end of each treatment they had cleared. Dee was very welcoming and warm and very knowledgeable about the bowls,so i was able to ask lots of questions.
I highly recommend Dee as a therapist and felt the treatment was super relaxing.

Jennie Whitson recommends Alchemy-Sounds.

2 February ·

I love Dees sound healing so much..crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls & biofield healing..they are all fantastic.
the vibration & sound is so healing & relaxing that I feel it for a couple of days after..it really clears the body & energy field..I recommend these treatments.

Jessica Hall - Kinesiology recommends Alchemy-Sounds.

9 February ·

I had a Biofield and Sound therapy treatment with Dee. I have to say I was blown away... I could feel the healing and clearing throughout my body.. Dee is very intuitive and could feel what I was feeling throughout.. During the sound treatment I went off I to a state of meditation.. I truly benefitted and the aftercare has been fantastic I'm so looking forward to the next session.. And will highly recommend her xx thank you

Natalie Beaumont recommends Alchemy-Sounds.

16 september

I had a fantastic sound bath with crystal bowls and beautiful chimes. I felt really calm and the environment was very relaxing. I would thoroughly recommend for anyone feeling a need to switch off. I felt like I’d fallen asleep.