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I do not offer medical advice or diagnosis. All of my therapys are complimentary therapys.You should always seek the opinion of a medical professional if you are unwell and never stop taking recommended medications without the advice of your doctor.
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Bury St Edmunds Suffolk


There are contraindications for some ailments please be aware of this, Sound is vibrational and as such can adversely affect these conditions.

  • Pregnancy/Early First 3 Months,

  • Meniere's Disease,

  • Metal Plates.

  • Severe Osteoporosis,

  • Recent Hip/Joint Operations

  • Cancer late stagE

  • Mental health/scitzophrenia

  • Epilepsy,

  • People Fitted With Pacemakers


    Ear candle treatment uses long, hollow ‘candles’ which are made of organic cotton and a selection of natural ingredients such as honey extracts, crushed herbs and beeswax.

    The candle is gently placed about a quarter-inch into the ear and lit, allowing the flame to pass down the candle’s hollow centre. The warm air comes into contact with colder air, creating a vacuum effect. This is believed to draw out wax and other debris that may be lodged in the ear canal.

    The removal of excess wax and impurities helps to clear the inner ear and sinuses, regulates ear pressure and brings about a lighter sensation in the head and ears. Ear candling also encourages deep relaxation, which is enhanced by the infusion of herbs and essential oils.

    40 MINUTES £25

    It is thought that the Ancient Greeks were among the first to use the technique. They referred to it as ‘coning’ and used it specifically for cleansing, healing and purifying on a spiritual basis.

    Gradually more ancient cultures picked up on the practice, including the Egyptians, Mayan and Inca tribes. The modern incarnation of ear candling is based on the technique envisaged by the Native American Indian tribe, the Hopis (meaning ‘peaceful people’).

    The Hopis used ear candling in rituals and healing ceremonies and developed a specific candle formula to enhance the treatment’s holistic and therapeutic benefits. The main ingredients they used in their candles included cotton, beeswax, honey, sage, chamomile and St John’s Wort a formula still used in modern ear candle treatments today.




    As the candle burns down, many say it sounds like a fire softly crackling away which adds to the overall relaxing experience. The usual burn time of each candle is between ten and fifteen minutes. A pleasant feeling of warmth from both the candle and the reassurance of the therapist’s touch also makes this a deeply relaxing treatment.The ear candling treatment will be followed by a massage of the outer ear, followed by a pressure point and lymphatic drainage massage of the face which complements the effects of the ear candling by helping to release blockages in the sinuses and ears.
    • Tinitus, compacted ear wax and glue ear
    • Sore throats and hay fever
    • Headache and migraine
    • Rhinitis and sinusitis 
    • Catarrh and asthma
    • Stimulation of blood and energy flow
    • Regulation of pressure in ears and head
    Ear candling is not suitable for
    • Grommets, drains or tubes fitted in the ear

    • Cochlear implants

    • Perforated eardrum (or lack of eardrum)

    • Ear or sinus inflammation or infection

    • Auricular cysts