When a Gong is first struck, it produces an initial sound, which, unlike other musical instruments swells slightly before fading, This is known as blossoming. Continued slow striking ensures this blossoming is maintained as layers of overtones and intervals that build to create what is described as a sound envelope.

It is said that this envelope is the key to the healing power of the Gong that this fullness of the Gong sound can take us to another dimension, a deeply personal and individual experience.

A gong sound session is great for deep relaxation moving you from high Beta state down to a meditative state of alpha with no effort from you, a truly relaxing state where healing may occur.

The sound and vibrations of the gong can help you into a state of deep relaxation that relieves stress, boosts the immune system & promotes inner-healing by balancing the body’s energy.

Every part of the body has its own resonant frequency, the gongs vibration can be felt through out the body, If there is an imbalance or stagnation anywhere, the vast array of sounds made by the gongs will stimulate the body cells to vibrate in sympathy and literally tune them up.

A Floor mattress, blanket and pillow is provided to cocoon you in comfort for your sound experience. You just need to lay down and be open to recieve

I do not offer medical advice or diagnosis. All of my therapys are complimentary therapys.You should always seek the opinion of a medical professional if you are unwell and never stop taking recommended medications without the advice of your doctor.
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Bury St Edmunds Suffolk



There are contraindications for some ailments please be aware of this, Sound is vibrational and as such can adversely affect these conditions.

  • Pregnancy/Early First 3 Months,

  • Meniere's Disease,

  • Metal Plates.

  • Severe Osteoporosis,

  • Recent Hip/Joint Operations

  • Cancer late stagE

  • Mental health/scitzophrenia

  • Epilepsy,

  • People Fitted With Pacemakers