1 Hour £30

Crystal Bowls the calming sound waves which emanate from the crystal bowls immediately put the brain into the alpha state. They speak to the entire body vibrating each organ, cell and atom. Shaking loose old patterns, realigning and re-frequencing and allowing us to easily access higher states of consciousness.

Quartz crystals have many physical properties. they amplify, transform, store, focus, and transfer energy.

Our bodies too are crystalline in structure.

When working with crystals, there may be profound effects on the organs, tissues, and cells, as well as the circulatory, endocrine, and metabolic systems.

Thoughts are energy forms. When thought energy interacts with a crystal, those thoughts are changed to more harmonic forms, Thus, the power of positive intention combined with the use of crystals can provide remarkable healing results.

The  Crystal Bowls are a high vibrational sound almost angelic.
The sound penetrates into our very cells and rebalances them through oscillation and resonance.
Crystal bowl therapy helps to balance the chakra system and re-energize the auric field. You may find yourself drawn to different tones each time you experience them.
Clients immediately go into a state of full receptivity and relaxation.
A truly relaxing hour, soothed by the highly vibrational sounds washing over and through you.

Working on whatever is impeding your life whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, the frequencies of the bowls will help to align & balance your whole being.

A sound session with the bowls can benefit symptoms of Insomnia, Stress-Related Issues, Anxiety, Migraines, Hormone imbalance, and many other life issues.

I do not offer medical advice or diagnosis. All of my therapys are complimentary therapys.You should always seek the opinion of a medical professional if you are unwell and never stop taking recommended medications without the advice of your doctor.
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Bury St Edmunds Suffolk



There are contraindications for some ailments please be aware of this, Sound is vibrational and as such can adversely affect these conditions.

  • Pregnancy/Early First 3 Months,

  • Meniere's Disease,

  • Metal Plates.

  • Severe Osteoporosis,

  • Recent Hip/Joint Operations

  • Cancer late stagE

  • Mental health/scitzophrenia

  • Epilepsy,

  • People Fitted With Pacemakers