My name is Dee, I have always had an interest & belief in alternative modalitys, since haveing been ill as a child with encephalitis, I was left riddled with anxiety's, social phobia & OCD behaviours.
Going back all that time doctors knew nothing but to treat all ailments with pharmaceutical drugs with out considering the holistic approach of treating the whole person, physical, emotional & spiritual aspects.
I was placed on benzodiazepines at the age of 10  for my anxiety (caused by the encephalitis which is inflammation of the brain) and was left with a severe weakened immune system that made me sensitive to foods, medicines and just about everything.
That drove me to look into alternatives for answers  I became interested in diet,  especially wheat and dairy free, I also developed a keen interest in herbs and natural products to look after myself, which has developed and grown and I make my own conker washing powder, my own toothpaste, salves and balms  from herbs that I forage.
I started on a long journey from a young age of how to heal and understand myself, I was led to many teachers & many modalitys & each one helped me to grow that bit more.
I started to train in energy therapies in 2005 at a time when I felt I could truly give to people without being hindered by my own issues.
For the past 25 years I have worked in health care and hospital settings on many various wards including A&E, EMI units & have spent time working in Mental health Hospitals. Having an experience with ill health myself led me to want to help people with their health. I felt disallusioned by the Healthcare system as in 40 years nothing has really changed and they rely solely on medications for the majority of problems without ever looking at the holistic view of a person (the energy body) or diet.
My desire is to empower people to take back control  & responsibility of their health, to help you find an energetic balance and achieve states of deep relaxation which can lead to  healing.
I really enjoy people & understand the deeper issues that can affect us, to me energy work is the medicine of the future and part of preventative medicine, maybe in the future we will see energy modalitys being taught in schools to the children, and hospitals adopt a more holistic approch to medicine and people. Would that not be wonderful.